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On Nairobi Noir Photographic Prints

The prints on offer from the website are gallery quality and availabe only in ‘pairs’. Each print will come signed and serial-numbered. i.e

Nairobi Noir №.070.0001 (BB Series), (Signed)Msingi Sasis.

Nairobi Noir №.035.0050 (BB Series), (Signed)Msingi Sasis.


Note: prints are currently available only in same size pairs. .

On the currently available print sizes:

AA Series = (Currently Not Available)

BB Series = 19cm x 28.5cm.


Prices for Prints

A pair of BB Series prints cost Ksh 20,000/-


We only handle orders from/within Nairobi City. Orders are personally deliver to you by Msingi Sasis.


For any Inquiries 


Also a logbook of all prints with the name of the original purchaser is kept for authenticity and archiving of each print’s serial number. If a print changes ownership please contact Nairobi Noir to update the register.


Ordering Procedure for Nairobi Noir Prints

1. Select any two street photographs that you are interested in from the Nairobi Noir website. Each has a unique number. eg.(№.090) &  (№.031). 

2. Email the unique numbers of your selected street photographs, the print size, your phone number, physical address, and preferred point of collection/delivery of the prints.

3. Nairobi Noir will send you an email confirmation of the date when the prints will be ready and can be delivered or collected. (It usually takes 2-4 days to receive your prints after ordering.)

4. Prints will be will be delivered/collected as scheduled.

5. Payment is by cash on delivery.

“Own a Piece of Nairobi Noir”